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Portable Camping Gas Stove with Piezo Ignition Stable Support,Outdoor Stove Burner Picnic Cookware , Camping Stove Adapter for Outdoor Camping, Hiking

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Portable Camping Gas Stove Features:

  • ONE HAND USE. Handle design, suitable for most of your usage needs.
  • [Easy to use]The use of stainless steel heat shield helps to warm the winter and improve the burning effect. In summer, the stainless steel plate absorbs radiant heat and cools it so that the heat does not reach the cassette drum directly.
  • [Piezo ignition] You can easily ignite by pressing the button on the burner body. Four feet are connected to seek the stability.Since it has strong wind resistance, direct flames rise, so the firepower is stronger.
  • [Efficient combustion]Gas Stove can be used by inserting it directly into the rotation. No need for ignition equipment such as batteries or matches.High thermal efficiency burner with power up to 3.5KW. The heating power can be adjusted, the heating level can be adjusted according to the application, and 1000 ml of water can be boiled in 3 minutes. You can fully experience the fun of cooking fresh ingredients outdoors.
  • [Wider application]The size of the camping gas stove is 3.9in* 3.9in * 3.9in, and the weight is about 0.88lb. It is smaller than a traditional mini stove and takes up very little space for cleaning. With a special storage bag, it is easy to carry and can be used at home or outdoors. Since it is a compact burner that uses flammable boxed gas, it is a single burner that is very useful in many situations, such as hiking, climbing, traveling, camping and emergency situations.

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