What matters needing attention before nucleic acid examination?

1. Gargle with water before seeing a doctor and avoid eating for 2 hours to prevent vomiting. Do not smoke, drink or chew gum for 30 minutes before sampling to avoid affecting the results of the new crown nucleic acid test. 

2. Avoid using public transport to and from the hospital. 

3. You must bring along your personal ID card and show your health code when you go to the doctor. 

4. Wear a surgical mask when visiting the hospital to reduce the risk of cross infection. 

5. Keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter from others while waiting for treatment and avoid talking. 

6. Actively cooperate with medical staff to conduct temperature examination and epidemiological investigation.

7. Implementing the principle of "one doctor, one patient, one consultation room" . That is, only one patient is allowed to enter the consultation room. The elderly, infants and the infirm may be accompanied by a family member.

8. Leave the hospital as soon as possible after checking your documents and wiping your hands with the hands-free hand sanitizer provided. Do not stay.